Magic Tantra Retreat

for Singles

You can experience:

if you feel, you can participate in this program:

  • live blood analysis checked by our naturopath and Biochemist 
  • introduction to magic tantra life
  • Magic tantra breath work, Ida and Pingala as well
  • Tantric ecstatic dance
  • ice bath or Wim Hoff method with swimming in the dam guided (depends on weather)
  • pH lesson, medicine plants, health cooking workshop to increase vibes in a body and heal
  • awaking kundalini energy and Yoga
  • balance of chakras
  • solfeggio frequencies for healing body
  • magic tantra workshop
  • men and women circle
  • how to communicate vulnerably and authentically
  • guided meditation in a cave
  • bush walk in pure nature around with plant medicines lesson
  • bush gym park available 
NO phone! NO wifi! NO alcohol! just you
YES truly genuine authentic you, YES nature, YES fruits, YES being in a present moment

Expected Outcomes

  • taking time just for you to find yourself
  • accept others and to be accepted by others just the way you are 
  • learn new things
  • adventure, fun, experiences
  • developed self confidence 
  • feel comfortable in your skin and body, love yourself unconditionally how you really are
  • reestablishing your connection with yourself and nature
  • changed your life from the bottom up
  • start healing your body, mind and soul and know how to do that
  • growth of your consciousness level 
  • feeling to be enough 
  • improved communication skills to be able to talk about everything openly
  • feel fully responsibility for all your reality 
  • live the life you wanna create 
  • setting new healthy habits for happier life
  • NNN= new connections, new friends and new experiences
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More info

  • 3 days stay starting on Saturday at 10am, possibility to arrive on Friday
  • location : 1,5hours from Sydney at the National Park
  • accomodation: 2 beds rooms/ dormitory room / 4 beds room / kings beds rooms / tents / hammocks / your own van or tent – up to you
  • food provided by private chef from our permaculture garden + juices and healthy food GF,  Vegan, LF, GFML, only vibrating food with balance of pH
  • parking spots for free
  • easy to get there by car or car pooling from Sydney
  • showers, toilets, community kitchen, fireplace inside and outside as well
  • playground, water hole on property for swimming and simple outside gym
  • dance party with our DJs once a week
What to expect?
  • 3 or 4 days = 2 or 3 nights stay surrounded by nature  with option to extend stay up to 8 days
  • own professional chef (vegan, Lactose and gluten free vibrant meals included)
  • big adventure
  • no phone, no wifi, no alcohol event
  • check in: from Fridays 5pm, Sat. from 7:30am
  • check out: Monday max 7pm
  • Program starts at 10am on Saturday 
  • additionals (not included in the price): 

    • whole body relaxation massage  
    • horse ride
    • carpet ride flight