Magic Tantra Retreat – Singles


4 days = 3 nights stay surrounded by nature  with the option to extend stay up to 8 days
Professional chef (vegan, Lactose and gluten-free vibrant meals included)
big adventure, no phone, no Wi-Fi, no alcohol event


  • Live blood analysis check with one of the most experienced neuropathy and biochemists around NSW
  • introduction to magic tantra life
  • Magic tantra breath work, Ida and Pingala as well
  • Tantric ecstatic dance
  • ice bath or Wim Hoff method with swimming in the dam guided (depends on weather)
  • pH lesson, medicine plants, and health cooking workshop to increase vibes in a body and heal
  • Awaking Kundalini energy and Yoga
  • balance of chakras
  • solfeggio frequencies for healing the body
  • magic tantra workshop
  • Men and women circle
  • how to communicate vulnerably and authentically
  • guided meditation in a cave
  • bush walks within pure nature around with a survival lesson
  • bush gym park available

Additional information


Double bed rooms $1500, Dormitory room $1359, Tent or hammock $1250, No accomodation $1180


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