* Australia: 16.May Crows Nest; 21.5.- 22.5. Manly Vale and Mosman; 23.-27.May Maroubra, then crows Nest and then Newcastle

July: abroad, Australia; August: Sydney,middle Europe; September: Sydney and Gold Coast

Magic Tantra

Spiritual, healing and sexual awakening in a holistic way
Everything is possible.. 🙂

My Top Services

2 hours of ultimate pleasure at maximum intensity for men or women.

Designed for new clients or tantric beginners.

Massage that will relax your body and pump you up with energy.

Sat 28th Oct 2023, 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm 

Come and enjoy magic tantra healing through breath, awakening the Kundalini energy, active dance meditation, opening Chakras, learn how to change your reality…

November 2023

Would you like to heal your body, mind, soul and discover something new and interesting? Would you like to learn something new about your intimacy?

Come and join us at Magic Tantra Healing retreat

My magic tantra is one of the most sensual powerful unique experiences in the world showing you how to live in a present moment just now. It helps to increase hormones of happiness Oxytocin and Serotonin in Your body naturally. 

Everyone deserve it to be treated and touched with love, because we are energy and love.

Try, before you die, at least once in your lifetime. Who knows, what will be tomorrow? It will definitelly change your life.

Live now in the present moment! You can learn how to find a way how to change Your own reality and life and heal your body and mind as well.

I’ll help you to relax your soul, mind and body through deep tantric hypnomeditation, your breath and my touch.

I can show you how to heal yourbody but its your job at the end to do that. Everything is possible!!!

I’ll guide you to heavenly experience. Magic tantra can change your life forever… It helps to heal your deep fear or trauma from childhood, depends on your level of spiritual journey. Im using all types of frequencies to open your chakras, heal body,…

Human body , in my opinion, can be touched and massaged only when it is absolutely relaxed, not stressed at all. So far this deepen meditation technique will help you with that.. then you will be able to feel your deep desires and love inside you.

A Few Words About Me

Tantric dakini Ginger: “I believe that everything is possible, everything can be healed and changed, your reality, the world and everything has a reason for our soul as a lesson to learn for each lifetime..,also the programs can be changed..

I love nature and all creatures on this planet, I love connecting with nature, sharing my light and love, energy and touch with others because we are just one, one energy, one consciousness, oneness, and we all connected. We are the Universe, inside us as well and we can create our own reality and change the world. 

Open your mind 🙂 and try to discover unbelievable and unexpected new experience…”

I’m more than happy to guide you and show how your body can be connected with your spirit, how to change reality, heal your body and how to relax absolutely and be in a present moment. My opinion : body and all muscles can be touched only when your mind and body are relaxed. I help my clients to find the way of enjoying every present moment on maximum, enjoy life, increase or decrease desires through breath in my tantric sessions. In the 1 Day of tantra life I help with getting rid of stress, loosing weight, stop smoking or change bad habits through hypnosis in their subconscious mind..,checking the blood and heling whole body. 

I’m trained as a Tantric masseuse including massage of Yoni and Lingam, Hypnotherapy, Trauma therapy and Relaxation massage of whole body as well and much more….

Our Happy Clients!

Ginger is a lovely, caring, empathetic angel with the wicked hands of a magician, hot breath of a spirit wind and calmness of a zen master. Time stops still as she regulates the breathing, enhances mindfulness and heightens sensitivity. She is a treat I will cherish for eternity
Magic Tantric Touch
This was a truly magical experience. Two stunning women and me. We danced, wining together, feeling our bodies and our energies play....then I had four hands all over my body, massaging, healing, playing with me. I felt relaxed at the same time, sensual pleasure soaring through me. When it all ended - there was such a crescendo that I needed a few minutes to collect myself. A truly wonderful experience.
4 Hands
wonderful session with beautiful hand technique made it like no other massage.it is truly eye opening to know the pleasures that you can produce in the body. your wisper and gentle touch taken to a another world.
look forward to seeing you again
Magic Tantric Touch
Thank you Ginger for an amazing experience. You put us at ease, and were a fantastic teacher! I cannot recommend Magic Tantra highly enough!
K & M
Couples Session
Wonderful sensations, not your average massage. She will definitely take you to another world.
Magic Tantric Touch
This was a truly wonderful, immersive experience. I felt like you connected deep inside, kept me at edge and left nourished and smiling like a cheshire cat! So wonderful.
4 hands
Happy Clients
Years of experience