Day of Tantra Life with Ginger

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Are you looking for a unique and transformative experience that will nourish your body, mind, and soul? Do you want to explore the power and beauty of tantra in a safe and supportive environment? If so, join me for a Day of Tantra Life with Ginger, where I will guide you through a whole day of tantra massage and healing practices, bush walking, waterfall swimming, breathwork, and much more. You will discover new levels of pleasure, intimacy, and connection with yourself and others while enjoying the stunning natural scenery of the Australian wilderness. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to awaken your senses, heal your wounds, and celebrate your life force. Don’t miss it!


* Magic tantric touch massage
* Magic tantra ritual
* Live blood analysis checked by our naturopath and Biochemist
* Introduction to tantra life
* Magic tantra breath work, Ida and Pingala
* Being in a present moment: The power of now
* Ocean swim
* Waterfall visit naked and enjoy being in nature
* Shamanic breath work
* relaxation your mind and soul
* Whole body relaxation massage back included
* Yoni or Lingam massage
* Massage of feet, hands and face included
* Prostate massage
* Tantric ecstatic dance
* pH lesson, medicine plants, health cooking workshop to increase vibes in a body and heal
* Awaking Kundalini energy
* Balancing of chakras
* Solfeggio healing frequencies
* Guided meditation
* Anti-aging system explanation
* Remedies workshop- make your own remedy from nature
Discussion topics:
What is life? Who we are? Why we are living? What is real and how to change our reality? How to manifest our desires and wishes? What is after death? How to reach and heal our traumas?
NO phone! NO wifi! NO alcohol! just you and me
YES truly genuine authentic you, YES nature, YES fruits, YES being in a present moment
Magic Tantra
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