Ecstatic Full Moon Night

Tue 23.April 2024 from 6:30pm

Banksmeadow, Sydney, NSW, Australia (exact address will be sent to the ticket holders) one day in advance.

Afterparty  9:30pm – 2am is not included in the basic price of ticket.

All events: NO phones, NO drugs, NO alcohol, NO plastics

Events are for singles and couples (ages 18+).

Event description

Would you like to discover more about yourself, your chakras and life energy? Also understand more to your emotions, soul and body, get access to your sexual energy, practise cultivating it for your own enhanced wellbeing, pleasure and growth of your consciousness to connect to Divine and Source and learn how to easily change your health and reality?Come and experience breathwork, music, soundhealing ceremony, healing frequencies, discussion on specific topics, dance and learn how to change your reality… We all are connected, we are part of one field and one energy…

Mind Body Soul Magic Tantra
magic tantra workshop


6:30pm - 9:30pm , afterparty until 2am

What to expect:

  • The Power of  Shamanic breath  pranayama, Ida and Pingala activation
  • Guided Esctatic and Tantra Dance 
  • Opening and balance chakras for better energy flow
  • Kundalini/ Chi/ life/ love energy awaking 
  • Creating Hormones of Happiness 
  • Solfeggio and other healing frequencies
  • Meet New Friends & Discover a Love and Connection to yourself and others through eye gazing …
  • Relaxing your mind, body and soul
  • Become part of the Oneness
  • Sound ceremony with Stan and his gongs and didgeridoo
  • Expand your capacity for open communication
  • Explore taboo sides of the human spirit and this reality

What to Bring?

  • Your beautiful self
  • Comfortable clothes
  • An open mind
  • A mat or pillow to sit on

Number of tickets limited.

Recommendation: please do not eat, drink alcohol or smoke at least 60 min before we start 🙂

Snack  GF, LF, VG is available at the event during the break.

We are looking forward to see you there!
With Love & Gratitude,
Magic Tantra Fam

* Get the ticket online here over Stripe or Humanitix or with cash at the gate.

Past events:

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