Online Sessions: 1. Tantric or 2.Healing

Can’t get me in person? Then I can give you a session via WhatsApp Video call where you will learn 1. how to become personally and sexually empowered or 

2. all you need to know How to heal your body or your soul effectively and easily.

  • Tantric ritual
  • Tantric relaxation and breathwork
  • Couching or  mentoring individuals/ couples to rediscover a new sparkle in a heart in a relationship/without and interest in your intimacy
  • Guiding towards enjoying their bodies absolutely with new passion, desire, fire in the heart and full pleasure
  • Explore new dimensions
  • A new way to create missing hormones like Oxytocin and Serotonin In your body for your health and happiness
  • How to have multiple full body orgasm  


  • Discussion topics are: well being, health,
  • pH of body, how to live longer,
  • How to heal everything we need
  • Healing frenquencies and understanding own body
  • Finding purpose for this life time,
  • Explanation How the world works
  • Who we really are
  • How you can change reality and manifest easily
  • How to find happiness and calm in your heart

[expand title=”How can I book this massage?”] Booking line is open every day between 9am and midnight. When you click WhatsApp button, you can start to chat with me straight away.[/expand]

[expand title=”Is outcall available?”]Yes, outcalls to your place or hotel in inner Sydney and Eastern Suburbs locations are also available. Travel fee $50 can be applied during the checkout  [/expand]

Book a session:


60 min



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